2013 Archives Highlights:

After the New Year’s Eve party, Melita gets a surprising revelation from Tony; two birthdays get a “Gagnam Style” celebration; Tyler and Péma face a certain reality with their relationship; Melita contemplates on pursuing further studies (as does Tyler); Millie gets drafted into a summer job at Jollof Mews Architects (and a brief Melody and Mandolin Rain Bruin cast reunion of sorts); Melita recalls her experience during the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings and finds a possible romance in Japan; while Tyler considers his future with (or without) Péma; an old acquaintance returns; Tyler and Melita face their senior years at their respected institutes and Melita discusses about Yusa to Daffodyl on a Philadelphian Thanksgiving enroute and the hounds with their current amours collide again for the holidays.
FOR READERS OUTSIDE CANADA: A “Timmie Run” is a coffee run to a Tim Hortons coffee shop.

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