2014 Archives Highlights:

Yusa goes back home; and Tyler gets a once-in-lifetime proposition from a former acquaintance of a troubling kind that lands him into hot water with Péma, despite valiant efforts to make up; While Khalid looks to launch his own business, with a little help from Basina’s father and the “deal” that came with it; Grampy Roman rolls just in time for granddaughter Melita’s MIT convocation date and the Cockers get together in Ottawa for Tyler’s grad, more surprises are in store; Millie returns to her Jollof Mews summer job and takes an interest with an particular intern there; Melita gets proposed by Yusa; Tyler and Melita start off at grad school; Melita and Daffodyl pay a quiet tribute to Robin Williams and discuss other matters; Khalid struggles with his new business and being away from Basina; a overnight stay at Tyler’s leads to jumped conclusions, thickening as he observes the Tunisian elections and getting caught in Melita’s crosshairs in the process back home.

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