2015 Archives Highlights:

Cameron and Yves joins Sarah and Kelsey for New Years’ celebrations and runs into Melita; a defiant tribute to the Charlie Hebdo attacks from the cast; Kelsey and Sarah do Cancún; Daffodyl makes the gig for a jazz superstar (or two) that saves her from maternal ire; big-time sensuality rises for Millie at fifteen; Melita goes on a business trip to Paris with an unexpected staff member for an assistant; Millie's waterpark date in Ottawa with Axel brings a unexpected guest (and new friend) tagging along; an engagement in Paris goes bizarrely awry; Tyler attends the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony and crosses paths with familiar faces and Christmastime spent with family and friends near and far...
To listen to IAM’s “Je danse le MIA” song, click onto the link beneath:
To listen to Juan Luis Guerra’s “La Cosquillita” song, click onto the link beneath:

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