Active online date: December 13, 2011
Updated: December 2, 2012
The four-part documentary miniseries chronicles the events leading to the 1961 Goa Conflict over the state of Portuguese Goa that erupted into a brief liberation war between India and Portugal, which signalled the beginning of the end for the latter�s 500-year colonial empire.
PART ONE - Calm Before the Storm (1946-1954)
PART TWO - Tryst with Destiny (1955-1958)
NEXT: PART THREE - Vijay: Tiger versus Cockerel (1959-1961)
Next update: November 2017
Sources: The Liberation of Goa: A Participant's View of History, P.D. Gaitonde; India's Use of Force in Goa, Arthur G. Rubinoff; Portugal and its Overseas Provinces: The Case of Goa, Antonio de Oliveria Salazar; various internet sources.
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