2011 Archives Highlights:
Tyler and Melita reassess their relationship far and away; MIT graduate T.A. Brandon Micaleff walks in; humility overcomes Daffodyl and a new (if briefly rocky) start begins with Melita; Spring happenings occur between Ottawa and Cambridge; Cameron and Yves announce some big news; the status between Tyler and Melita changes; new relationships are forged; Daffodyl becomes a teenager; A Father’s Day tribute; Freshman year ends; Melita gets a shocking double whammy at her father's workplace and faces a new reality with Tyler; Melita and Michael conduct business in Tokyo; Tyler visits Cameron to talk about her experiences in the providing aid during the early days of Libya’s Arab Spring Revolution; Melita offers a olive branch to her old beau; Back for the sophomore year, Daffodyl matures while Melita begins to cast doubts about Brandon; Cameron gives birth; Khalid goes on a arranged blind date with dread with Basina Ali Naqui at first that turns into second thoughts; as both Tyler and Melita face impending doom with their current outside relationships that seem to confirm all by themselves by year’s end.

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