2012 Archives Highlights:
Tyler and Melita’s other relationships continue their downward slide; Basina has a tender-trap confession for Tyler; Millie gets her first cellular phone (with pre-conditions) and her phase towards womanhood; Things finally come to a head for Tyler and Kitty, as well as for Melita and Brandon; Tyler prepares to head for Europe for a history studies trip while Millie gets dragged to the Gatineaus with her parents for a summer road trip and makes romance with a familiar face; A chance encounter in New York’s JFK Airport; Junior Year at university begins with Tyler writes up on his European Histories Study; the separate dating game for him and Melita remains rocky; Daffodyl invites her roommate over to her Philadelphia hometown for American Thanksgiving; Something buds between Tyler and a newcomer student and a unforgettable New Year’s Eve party at home brings some feelings around.

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